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The Bowen Technique based on the work of Australian osteopath Tom Bowen (1916–1982). It is a holistic system of healing. The Bowen Technique was limited to Australia until 1986, when it was named, and introduced to other countries by Oswald Rentsch, who observed Bowen at work one morning a week for two years. It has since been developed and furthered by many others and is now one of several bodywork therapies moving towards voluntary self regulation in the United Kingdom.

The Bowen Technique involves a gentle, rolling motion, with very light touches. The rolls are supposed to either tighten or loosen off muscles depending on the way the move is done. The practitioner will stimulate sets of points, often with two minute pauses, supposedly to allow the body to use the move and integrate it into the body's system. The Bowen Technique is not a form of massage, though it does claim to release areas of built-up stress in the muscles, and clients describe experiences of profound relaxation after a session, sometimes falling asleep after the first few moves.

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