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Sujok[1], or Seed Therapy, is a therapy making use of the innate curative powers of seeds. It has been proven to bring on an equilibrium in the body to cure maladies caused by the disparity of forces that control the mind and body.

The energy contained in germinating seeds[2] is the primary mode of operation for this therapy. Seeds are affixed on the traditionally determined areas of the hands and feet[3].

Back ailments, such as slip disc, have been totally cured with pepper seeds with a sticking plaster. After repeating for ten days, the ailment was completely resolved, saving many patients time and most significant money on the allopathic establishment.

Cranberry, cowberry and lentil seeds provide relief to cough, cold and flu. Kidney shaped beans treat kidney and stomach disorders. inflammation and pain related to oral area are effectively treated with Buck wheat seeds.

A study currently underway[4] has produced initially positive results with the use of poppy seeds in treating drug addiction.


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